From Tahrir Square to Times Square

Copyright: Neha Tara Mehta

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Leena Elbaroudy, 3, an Egyptian-Lebanese, was the youngest participant at a protest march organized by Egyptian-American activists on October 8, 2011 in New York to express solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. The activists were demanding the right to vote in the forthcoming Egyptian elections. In this series of photos, Leena plays with protester and family friend Mohamed A. Elgohari, a political science student at New York University, on her way back to the subway station with her parents and two sisters.

One thought on “From Tahrir Square to Times Square

  1. Thank you Neha for your special coverage of the Egyptian protest in NY on Oct. 8. It was a privilege meeting you and we hope that the Egyptian revolution will succeed and Egyptians will have a peaceful life again. Very nice pictures of our daughter Leena and Mr Elgohari. Thank you again for your support to the Egyptian community in New York.

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