Gender & Sexual Violence

Paedophiles hang around schools hunting for prey (Page 1) Hindustan Times, December 16, 2006
An ongoing study on paedophilia at Tihar jail finds that nearly 80 per cent paedophiles spent a lot of time outside schools, including some prominent ones. They targeted boys around age 10, and girls between the ages eight and 14, in ‘public school dress.’

Child, interrupted (The ‘Big Story’ page) Hindustan Times, December 2007
Children in Nithari have a new bedtime ritual. When they refuse to turn in for the day, their parents say, “Sleep, or Moninder will come and get you.” Sleep descends on the frightened children quickly thereafter — and so do the nightmares. It has been nearly a year since the village — and the world — woke up to the horror of skeletal remains of 15 children being unearthed from a drain in a rich businessman’s backyard in Noida’s upscale Sector 31. D-5, Moninder Singh Pandher’s bungalow bordering Nithari went on to become the global metaphor for the defiling of innocent lives.

Fear shadows the children of Nithari (Page 1) Hindustan Times, December 2007
On December 29  last year, the remains of missing children were recovered from a drain in Noida. A year later, fear still stalks the young in the nearby village of Nithari. Some of them see themselves being chopped into pieces in their dreams, a recent study has found. A team of psychologists studied 38 children aged between nine and 12, and found that all of them feared that they too would become victims of serial killings: 97% felt “very frightened” in the presence of strangers, especially men, and 91% felt “extremely scared” suddenly for no reason, the study by Swanchetan, an NGO, found.
Related: Nithari victims’ kin hit by health problems, trauma (Hindustan Times, December 28, 2007)

An Assault By The Man Next Door Mail Today, June 21, 2009
Six months before Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja hit the headlines for the alleged rape of his maid, a 17-year-old maid was raped by her 45-year-old master in an affluent pocket of New Delhi. Her master had such an aura of respectability about him that no one believed her when she complained about the rape. The matter was hushed up and never reached the press. An NGO heard about the case and counselled the girl, but she was so devastated that she went back to her village in UP, her dreams of earning a living in the big, bad world of Delhi abandoned.

Shrink’s chamber of dirty secrets (Page 1) Hindustan Times, March 18, 2006
It’s one of the city’s dirtiest secrets: the sexual exploitation of female patients by mental health professionals. Though the community of professionals is well aware of such cases — and sometimes, the culprits — no one is, unfortunately, willing to bring this out into the open.

Many Gitanjalis on Delhi’s mean streets (Page 1) Hindustan Times, September 9, 2007
Gitanjali Nagpal, a homeless, mentally unstable ex-model received psychiatric help; but 2,500 mentally ill women are leading wretched lives on Delhi’s streets, with no one to turn to.

Blogos-unfair Hindustan Times, August 10, 2008
It’s not all fair on the blogosphere, with an increasing number of women bloggers being stalked or harassed with hate mails and nasty, anonymous comments — often with sexual undertones.

Roadside Romeos Click For Chicks Mail Today, September 27, 2009
It’s the ‘every keystroke you make, I’ll be watching you’ syndrome.
One of the first bloggers in the country, Melody Laila, is used to love-sick, sexually explicit mails and comments from her readers, with some even referring to her as their girlfriend. “I blog with my name and photos. When you start a blog, you start with the premise that it will be open to all, and you will be exposed to psychos who can stalk you and harass you on the Web,” she says.

Ashrams of sex and sleaze (Sunday special) Mail Today, March 7, 2010
Here’s a quick-rich formula which is working in ‘spirituality’ shops across the country: To amass a fortune, start by declaring you have renounced the world. Get yourself some spotless robes. Find a way to peddle your brand of spirituality in the age of SMSes, in which people expect nirvana to come as easy and as quick as keying in a smiley.

Women Blast Balakrishnan Remarks on Rape Victims Mail Today, March 9, 2010
Lawyers and women’s rights activists have expressed strong reservations over the Chief Justice of India’s (CJI) comment that society must respect the wishes of a rape victim if she chooses to marry the rapist.

Publisher fired for sexual harassment Mail Today, June 2010
David Davidar, one of international publishing’s most successful Indian chief executives, is in the thick of a $ 523,000 (Rs.2.4 crore) sexual harassment lawsuit that promises to cause a lot of muck to fly around. Davidar, who has been credited with launching an entire new generation of Indians writing in English for an international audience, has had to quit as president of Penguin Canada after being accused by his former colleague Lisa Rundle of sexually harassing her for three years, and assaulting her at the Frankfurt book fair last year.

V-C draws flak for his prostitute barb Mail Today, August 3, 2010
A reputed university cannot be headed by a misogynist. That’s the unequal message being sent out by writers and scholars who have taken exception to the disparaging statements made by Vibhuti Narayan Rai, vice-chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya in Wardha (Maharashtra), equating women authors with prostitutes.

India’s Sexist Taliban Mail Today, August 8, 2010
Wardha Vice-Chancellor V.N. Rai was following the tradition of other notables when he equated women writers with prostitutes. Neha Tara Mehta lists the country’s top ten misogynists. (Illustrations by R. Prasad)

Bikini a disfiguring garment: Germaine Greer Mail Today, March 2011
In the end, it took Germaine Greer– the writer who revolutionised feminist discourse – to articulate a truth we would rather not acknowledge as we chase artificial beauty parameters set by a botox-obsessed fashion industry. “Ninety-nine per cent of the female population looks dreadful in a bikini,” Greer said, sending the audience into paroxysms of somewhat self-conscious chuckles.

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