Business Reporting

High IQ men as sperm donors Hindustan Times, June 2008 (Page 1)
He’s a 30-year-old software engineer, who is planning to start a family soon. But he often thinks about the children he has already helped bring into the world — as a sperm donor. “One of the main reasons I became a donor is that I believe I am a good person, and wanted to help create good people,” says the Mumbaiite, who donated ten samples as an engineering student. And even though he didn’t get to hear any Father’s Day greetings last week, he says, “I hope I have passed on my good values to the children, wherever they may be.”

Economic Slide Fuels Fertility Business Boom Mail Today, December 2008
Last year’s sealing drive took away her husband’s catering unit. This October, recession cost Anita her retail job. Christmas, though, may finally bring some cheer — and money — to this 26- year- old retail management postgraduate. No, she hasn’t found another job. But she will raise money by renting out her womb to an American woman who is flying in to India to start the procedure next week.

Has IPL Delivered Bang For The Bucks? (Doublespread story with Harini Subramani) Mail Today, May 10, 2009
“The IPL, someone said, is recession-proof.” Sneha Rajani, the business head of MAX (now called Multi Screen Media) isn’t way of the mark when she says that. After all, even after the whopping Rs 8,200 crore her channel had spent in securing the broadcast rights of IPL-2 from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), it is still laughing its way to the bank — it is expected to rake in three times the moolah it did last season from advertising revenues alone (Rs 238 crore).

CAT entrepreneurs Mail Today, December 13, 2009
A lot, they say, can happen over coffee. For a group of IIM-Ahmedabad students, a conversation over the brew led them to spurn the Rs 1 crore job offers they received upon graduation, junk their lingerie line business plan – and go headlong into launching a CAT preparatory website. Today, they are presiding over a rapidly expanding business empire that the website has spawned. For several IIM students – especially those who come with the double barreled IIT-IIM tag — launching test prep websites for the CAT is fast emerging as a great launchpad for entrepreneurial dreams.

Games makeover is a Rs.66,550 cr bomb Mail Today, August 2010
The capital may wear the look of a bombed-out city but on paper, it has got a facelift worth Rs.66,550 crore for the Commonwealth Games – with the taxpayers picking up a major part of the tab. Delhi’s beautification makes up for the bulk of the total expenses on the Games — Rs.70,608 crore. That is 114 times more than the estimated original price tag of the Games, and four times what the government spends on the National Rural Health Mission every year.

Corporate India plays guru to US academia Mail Today, October 2010 (with Max Martin)
The romance of Shankuntala and Dushyant will now be talked about all over the world thanks to new initiative from an unlikely quarter – Harvard University. A $5.2 million (Rs.23 crore) gift from the family of Infosys co-founder and chief mentor N. R. Narayana Murthy has helped the Ivy League university initiate a new series on the literary heritage of India. The Murthy family’s generous donation to Harvard is just one of the stories of American universities finding support from Indian entrepreneurs in the middle of the worst cash crunch these institutions have faced in four decades.

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